6 Top Tips to Avoid Online Dating Scams

100% free online dating sites attract thousands because they don’t have to part with their cash. And online dating has become popular in the digital age. It’s easy to see why so many people love – and embrace – the idea of online dating. There are more possibilities available and it’s somewhat easier for those who aren’t good at approaching someone they like. Unfortunately, scammers do exist, and they pose a serious risk to you, regardless of who you are or how careful you may be online. So, what tips could help you avoid an online dating scam?

Keep Personal Data Private and Be Careful What You Reveal to Someone Online

Genuine dating website exist alongside fake sites and scammers are getting better at stealing your personal information. So, when you’re signing up to a new dating website, regardless of whether it’s an established site or a brand new one, you should air on the side of caution. It’s essential to keep as much of your private data secure as humanly possible. For instance, if new online dating sites are asking for an extensive amount of personal info, walk away. While some sites do want to know as much about you as possible, there is a limit to what you should hand over.

It’s the same when you’re talking to someone online. Until you know them and have meet them face-to-face (and fully trust them) you should be careful what you say. This is true whether you use 100% free online dating services or paid dating sites.

Challenge A Match Who Is Overly Keen to Know Every Little Detail About You

When you meet someone new, you want to know everything about them, but there is a limit to what’s normal and what isn’t. For instance, someone asking your mother’s maiden name and which banks you use is a red flag. What’s more, if someone is overly keen on knowing personal details about your children or where you live, that’s a potential warning sign. Of course, that doesn’t always mean to say the person is a pervert, but it’s something to be careful of, nonetheless. New online dating sites can be great, but scammers don’t always opt for the subtle approach.

Conduct an Internet Search on Them

Let’s say you meet someone using an 100% free online dating site and they claim to be a Jackson Smythe from New Jersey. They also tell you they are divorced with no children and have been a dentist for the last twenty years. To be sure you’re speaking to that person, go online and conduct an internet search on them. For instance, if you were to find a person matching that description, make sure the details tally. This helps to ensure it’s an actual person you’re talking to and that they’re not being deceptive. It’s an extreme measure but it may help you avoid being scammed. Learn more!

Refuse to Send Money and Wait for Their Response

You’ve signed up to a few new online dating sites and have received a few responses. One member is showing promise and you like them, but after a few weeks of chatting, they ask to borrow money from you. This is a red flag. While the person might be genuine, they’re likely want to take your money and run. So, refuse their request and see what their response is. If they try again, tell them it’s out of the question sending money and if they persist, block them.

Never Send an Explicit Photos

Scammers come in many forms and they could be like you, someone who started off looking for that special someone. However, for whatever reason, they could decide it’s time to have some fun with you – but not good fun. Whenever someone requests an explicit photo of you – if you haven’t meet them – it’s a red flag because they could use that to blackmail you. Even if they don’t request an explicit photo, they could use it in some way to scam you. Whether you use 100% free online dating services or otherwise, scammers will try anything to get money. They could use your photos for a host of purposes.

Ensure the Dating Site is Legitimate

While any scammer can have a seemingly genuine profile on an established dating site, scammers can also create fake sites. Some will take the time to create a seemingly professional dating website with hundreds of member profiles. They will then strike up a conversation with you and try to scam you that way. Some will make you pay to use their site even though you’re talking to a robot, while others will make up a sob story. To avoid this, do your research on the site to ensure it’s legitimacy. You must be careful of new online dating sites as much as established ones.

Don’t Get Scammed

Scammers come in all forms and can be difficult to detect, especially on a dating website. Some scam artists look genuine, say the right things, and convince the least trusting person, they are who they say they are. It’s a pattern they have down to a T and it’s disturbing, to say the least. When you know a few scams and how to avoid them, you’re less likely to fall for them. So, be careful when using 100% free online dating services and ensure you stay safe today. For more details, visit: https://www.judysflowersandgifts.com/how-to-use-online-dating-apps-safely/