Is Online Dating Safe? 5 Essential Tips & Precautions!

Is Online Dating Safe? 5 Essential Tips & Precautions!

Free online dating is more popular than ever. One study shows that, for the first time, it is the one way of newlyweds met. As well as 1 out of 2 singles in the United States who responded to a survey said that they have made a dating profile. The advantages are many. It is a simple way to expand your dating network outside of your social circles. You are probably to meet interesting people you might never otherwise have the chance to meet.

So, is online dating safe and reliable? In any case, it also has a dark side. A recent study found that about 80% of people who write online lie about their age, height, and weight on their dating profiles, and 30% of singles on Tinder are in fact married.

Unluckily, not everybody builds their relationship status as evident as “P”, as well as several people are seeking more than just a very good and fun time when their spouse is away. Love scams are a successful business, thanks in part to the growing popularity of free online dating.

But do not worry. This article contains five essential tips on how to make online dating a safer experience. Let’s start with how to avoid online scammers.

Tip 1: Know the Warning Signs of a Romantic Scammer

Romance scammers are out there and sadly online dating apps create a target environment. Actually, over 20,000 victims reported that losing more than $140 million in 2018, creating romantic scammers that the most common type of customer fraud in the USA.

Online scammers looking for targets on online dating sites usually target women who recently divorced or were widowed, in other words, emotionally vulnerable (According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Most of the time, those victims are educated as well as computer literate, and they are still taken, usually for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Victims in the United States and Canada who turned up reported having lost nearly $1 billion collectively in the past three years, and those are the people who were eager to admit they had fallen for a scammer. Click here to know have dating apps killed romance?

Scammers generally follow a simple formula:

# Get a Target

Online scammers generally search for victims on an online dating site or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

# Make Trust

They will start to like you, often joining you through shared experiences gained from things on your online dating profile.

# Hang the Carrot

When you are sensitively hooked, they will create plans to meet in person, yet always cancel. The reasons are typically plausible as well as are designed to prepare you sympathetic to their plight.

# Ask for Money

This could start slowly, such as money to cover a plane ticket to visit you, a medical emergency, or an unpredicted legal fee. Increasingly, that amount will enhance until you prevent shipping it.

“I would never fall in love with it,” keep in mind that scammers exactly do this for a living. They are very good at manipulating their emotions as well as pulling the strings of your hearts and it is a full-time job.

Many scammers invest in the long years of collusion or more gradually taking victims for each last penny. However, forewarned is forearmed, with that is particularly factual once it comes to free online dating. You are about to read a few actual quotations from real victims who turned up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or any other government agency: educated, smart women who really thought they had found romance and love.

Those dates are paired with red flags of romantic scammers so that you can keep your heart as well as your wallet intact during online dating. There is no matter how legitimate you feel somebody’s story is, whether you have not met them in person, don’t send money at all. Do it through the friends and family test if you are tempted as if your son/daughter/friend told you they are thinking of doing it, what would you say? Here are some more signs that you might be ahead of a romance scammer:

  1. Messages quickly grow from “meeting you” to “professions of love”, and try to move things off-site or in the app as well as send them to an email or other communication platform after a handful of exchanges.
  2. What they are saying does not match the details on their dating profile. For example, your profile indicates that you have university studies in the United States, but your messages are read more as if English were your second language.
  3. As well as always having a reason why they cannot meet you in person, they will also have a reason why they cannot Skype or Facebook Messenger.
  4. Ask for close photos or videos. At all stages, though it is common for couples of a relationship to exchange sexy snapshots, wait until you are a hundred percent sure that the person you are sharing it with is legitimate. Wait until you have met in person since several scammers use racy pictures to try to blackmail you when you refuse to send money.
Is Online Dating Safe? 5 Essential Tips & Precautions!

Tip 2: Easy Way to Spot a Fake Dating Profile

If they pop up anywhere else on the Internet, do a reverse picture search on their dating profile pictures to see. Here’s how to do a reverse Google image search:

  • Right-click on the picture you need to verify.
  • Select “Search image in Google”
  • If there are other similar images, view the search results to see.

A reverse image search takes just a few seconds, as well as it is an online dating safety measure that you must always take before exchanging messages with somebody new. You can quickly determine that this is not a legitimate profile, thanks to reverse image search results

Tip 3: Consider Using a Paid Online Dating Site

Though you can still stumble across some, having to pay a subscription to exchange messages helps reduce the number of fake dating profiles. Several studies indicate that at least 10% of new dating accounts on free sites are fake profiles created by scammers. Paid online dating sites are often the safest dating sites from that perspective.

People are also likely to take disconnection more seriously as they have invested money in the process. is one of the best popular dating sites as well as a good place to enter the online dating prospect.

Tip 4: Put Your Safety First When It Comes to a First Date

There are five basic first date rules that every woman should always follow; particularly when it comes to somebody you met online:

Rule 1 – Meet in a Public Place First

This should not be negotiable! Several guys suggest that you prepare a meal for him at home, though he has the purest intentions, it is not wise from the point of view of personal safety.

If you feel that the date is not going well, it is also much easier to end the night early when you are in a public place. You can always excuse yourself to go to the bathroom as well as keep walking directly through the door of the restaurant.

Rule 2 – Don’t Trust Him for Transportation

Drive your own car, invoke an Uber, and so on. The person driving the car is in complete control from a worst-case perspective. Whether it is him, he makes a decision where you go and when you go home. Also, he knows where you live if he picks you up. In the long run, it is much safer to be in control of your own transportation.

Rule 3 – Skip the Second Cocktail

You don’t need this article to tell you that alcohol lowers your self-consciousness and your awareness, so keep having only one. In addition, when you are not in an environment where a waiter will bring it, get it yourself, and don’t go away your drink unattended. Rape drugs such as GHB, Rohypnol, and ketamine are not limited to just college or university campuses.

Rule 4 – Leave a Paper Trail

It is a great idea to let a family member or a friend knows where you are going and whom you are going to meet. Pass on the basics such as his name as well as a phone number when you have it. Several women plan a check call or message with a girlfriend that can be used as an excuse to end the night early if you don’t feel it.

Many dating platforms are currently incorporating security measures, such as the ability to share data regarding your date as well as where you will be with friends, and commence emergency calls through the app.

Rule 5 – Trust Your Feelings

Women’s intuition is very real, so believe yours. Keep your mind on if that little voice in the back of your head is uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to just say – I am sorry, but I have to go.

Tip 5: Build a Team of Online Matchmaking Professionals

If this is your first foray into online dating, or if you’re getting back into the local bachelor scene after a long relationship, it can appear overwhelming, daunting, or a little scary. In spite of everything, making a profile, selecting pictures, reviewing your messages, and deciding what to reply to. It is numerous works and why over 50% of single women reported feeling drained from the free online dating process.

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